David Ariagno is an experienced sales and marketing professional who has operated within the consumer products industry for the past twenty-five years. During this time, he has achieved a great deal of success in the areas of Business Development, Sales Management, and Marketing. As the President of Brilliant Marketing Group, David works tirelessly to build sales new channel operations, plan and execute brand strategies and handle marketing, logistics, business development and forecasting on an international scale. Outside of his professional endeavors, David Ariagno enjoys family, traveling, food, cooking, fitness, and athletics, specifically hockey and track.

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Health & Fitness
David Ariagno learned the importance of eating healthy food at an early age. As a kid, David wax exposed to a wide-variety of healthy foods, which he truly enjoyed. This helped lay the foundation for a healthy lifestyle that he has continued to build upon over the years. Working in the food business has allowed has allowed David to learn more about ingredients directly from food scientist. This education has helped guide his food purchases and built a well-balanced and healthy diet.

Growing up, David Ariagno was heavily involved in athletics. He began playing hockey in the second grade after visiting a local hockey rink. After watching the kids move around the ice, David quickly fell in love with the sport. Within a few days, David and several friends were out on the ice themselves learning how to skate and play hockey. As the sport began to grow in popularity, David’s father and a few other dads founded a youth hockey league in their town. While he does not have the time to play ice hockey as much anymore, he does enjoy watching his son and daughter play the sport. Ice hockey has truly become a family sport – it is something in their blood.

In addition to his ice hockey pursuits, David Ariagno was a state-ranked sprinter in the State of Massachusetts. During high school, he was top ranked in his area and in his conference, top three in Eastern Massachusetts and Top 10 in the State in the 200m. David enjoyed track and field because of the individual challenge of pushing yourself when nobody else can or will.

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David is a supporter of athletics and loves ice hockey and track.

Health & Fitness

David enjoys eating healthy and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


David enjoys traveling the world for both business and personal pleasure.

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