May 4th will bring one of the largest events in ice hockey, the IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship. This year, the chosen venue is in Denmark where 16 teams from different countries will compete in the tournament. The teams are split into Group A and Group B for the preliminary round. The top 4 teams of each group will advance to the quarter-finals in a crossed-over tournament. Following the quarter-finals, the winning teams will head over to Copenhagen for semi-finals.

As the battle will begin with a game between Team Canada and Team USA, hockey fans can expect to see some shining stars come out of the championship. It’s very likely that the top players from this championship could show their face among the NHL in the near future. That being said, you won’t want to miss out. These are the top players to keep an eye on during the 2018 Ice Hockey World Championship from Hockey News’ list.

Thomas Chabot, Canada | This 21-year old defenseman of the Ottawa Senators is likely to turn some heads this championship as he was one of the top prospects in the 2017-18 NHL campaign. By the end of this season, he was skating about 20 minutes per game. Its no wonder we can expect to see a lot of development in his game happen as he gets time on the ice this championship which will further open NHL and international opportunities for Chabot.

Elias Petersson, Sweden | For a 19-year old, Petersson has proven worthy of awards and recognition. In Sweden, Petersson is the league’s top forward and has been named the scoring champion, rookie of the year, and even MVP and post-season MVP. With all of this well-earned titles, you can see why fans are excited about the potential here. Petersson is on track to go into the NHL as soon as next season. Scouts have ranked him the No. 2 prospect to watch in 2018 Future Watch.

Quinn Hughes, USA | The youngest to watch, 18-year Hughes is true prospering talent and was placed in the top 10 prospects in 2018’s draft. Hockey experts and fans firmly believe that if he’s given the opportunity, he carries the potential to be a stand-out player– mostly because of his pure talent on the University of Michigan’s ice hockey team in the past season.

While these are sure-fire, up-and-coming star players we can still expect to see some more familiar names dominating the world championships. From Connor McDavid and Brayden Schenn to Johnny Gaudreau and Patrick Kane, these players will run the shower. Nevertheless, keep an eye out for those potential players from the 2018 Ice Hockey World Championship to hit the NHL in the near future.