Not even days after the 2017 NHL draft concluded back in late June, hockey fans and enthusiasts quickly turned their heads to look forward into the 2018 NHL draft. These annual drafts entail months of anticipation, analysis, and studying over what will happen and how the teams will be affected by the changes to their roster. Before we get ahead of ourselves into the 2018 draft, let’s take a moment to recap this year’s NHL draft.

While everyone is looking into first-round draft picks, it’s not impossible that late-round drafts will show up for a surprise. While most players picked in late-rounds don’t make it to full time NHL stars, some players like Brett Hull, Luc Robitaille, and Doug Gilmore have proven that to be not completely true. Although the first drafts are always the at the top of the talk, star players can emerge from anywhere in the draft.

So what superstars were highlighted in the 2017 NHL Draft?

Nico Hischier

To no surprise, the Jersey Devils made draft history with the overall No. 1 draft pick selected player Nico Hischier. In the class of draftees, Hischier was widely considered one of the top two players along with Nolan Patrick– second pick drafted to the Philadelphia Flyers. Hischier has also been made an exception to the AHL rules and will be able to play right away this coming season.

Nolan Patrick

Before the draft, everyone knew that the top to picks were Hischier and Patrick. What we also knew, was that whichever player the Jersey Devils wouldn’t pick, the Philadelphia Flyers would pick up. A star player potential, along with his new rival, Nico Hischier.

Cody Glass

This year, the NHL announced an expansion to the league, adding the Vegas Gold Knights. In part of the 2017 draft, all eyes were on which player the Gold Knights would choose– the first being Cody Glass. Racking up 94 points in 69 games, Vegas is hoping Glass will be a core winner for the team.

Moving Into 2018

It’s been rumored that the 2018 draft will bring a lot of impactful talent to the NHL. With scouts all over the country, some players easily become the talk of the town. The Swedish hockey league has been gaining plenty of attention, even providing some players in this years draft.

An early look at next year’s draft shows the top expected players to be pretty impressive. The top draft pick currently is  Rasmus Dahlin, currently playing for Forlunda. To follow Dahlin, Russian player Andrei Svechnikov is rising with potential. The third draft player everyone is looking at for next year is Joseph Veleno, putting up 40 points in 45 games.

While the 2017 draft is far over and the 2018 draft is well in the future, fans have the 2017-18 hockey season to look forward to as they watch over players, MVPs and who will make it to next year’s Stanley Cup.