For one weekend the standard games of the 2017-2018 NHL hockey season cease and the “All-Stars” align. Breaking up the typical competition, each division compiles a list of their very best players for a 3-on-3 tournament. The 2018 NHL All-Star Weekend was nothing less than memorable, having some of the best and worst moments that hockey fans are going to talk about all season long. This year hockey hit the beach in the Sunshine State, nearly taking over Tampa, Florida. These competitive games took place in efforts to award players according to their speed, power, and overall skills on the ice. The best players of the league came out and gave it all they had. Now let’s go in for the highlights.

The Pacific Division Take the W

New uniforms are always a hit or miss to fans and this year the Pacific Division. Although they came in second according to the jersey ranking poll, their very bold move of white on white with touches of neon grabbed viewers attention.

Team Pacific proved their worth as they dominated the 3-on-3 tournament. They first defeated the Central Division team 5-2 and moved on to battle against Team Atlantic. The Atlantic Division first took on Team Metropolitan for a 7-4 win. However, they couldn’t stay in the lead once Team Pacific came along. In the end, Team Pacific won the overall title of the tournament, defeating Team Atlantic 5-2. Although each division has a player to be proud of, Team Pacific took a great win this all-star weekend.

Brian Boyle and his Battle

Although he was a last minute addition to his team after Taylor Hall injured his hand and was unable to play, Brian Boyle stole the heart of the weekend. Last year Boyle was open about his battle with chronic myeloid leukemia. Celebrating his ability and accomplishment to make it to this year’s all-star weekend, the teammates and crowd roared when Boyle was on the ice.  

Skills Coverage

Hardest Shot | The hardest shot goes to Alex Ovechkin, from the Washington Capitals, who scored 98.8 mph on his first shot and broke 100 with 101.3 mph on his second. To put this into perspective, breaking 90 mph is impressive.
Enterprise NHL Fastest Skater | For the second year in a row, Connor McDavid took the win for fastest skater– the first in NHL history to win this back-to-back.  His first lap around was finished in just 13.454 seconds.

Accuracy Shooting | Brock Boeser impressed the crowd with 11.136 seconds in the accuracy shooting skills competition. This was a great win for the Vancouver Canucks.