A little over a month ago, NHL players roared as the Pittsburgh Penguins once again took the big win in the Stanley Cup Playoffs for the second year in a row. Sidney Crosby, captain of the team, would be the first player to win the Conn Smythe Trophy, declaring him as the playoff MVP for the second consecutive season since 1992. With the 2017 Stanley Cup playoffs in the books, it’s safe to say Crosby has easily become top dog with his trophies and winnings over the last two seasons.

Just in time for the playoffs, Mental Floss gave fans a history of the Stanley Cup in quite an amusing manner. To recap, the Stanley Cup comes from Lord Stanley of Preston, who purchased a decorative cup in London and then donated it to Canada’s amateur hockey club where it was awarded to the winning team in 1893.

In the NHL, the winning team of the Stanley Cup get’s their team name, coach names and player names engraved on one of the rings attached to the cup, signifying their hard earned, season victory. For the second consecutive year, the Pittsburgh Penguins took the win, leaving the Nashville Predators defeated in the end.

Already looking ahead at next season, NHL players and fans have a lot of factors coming into play. With the Nashville Predators making a run in this season’s playoffs, a rising interest capture southern states, giving the NHL a larger audience than usual. The hockey world now has a new market, appealing to southern’s after their keen attention to the Stanley Cup and dedication in rooting for the Predators.

Another factor reigning in new hockey fans, expanding across the nation is the newly official team, the Vegas Golden Knights with owner Bill Foley. Confirming the expansion draft picks last month, the Golden Knights picked 30 players from the NHL draft. Since then they’ve released the full team roster and plans for this upcoming season.

Vegas held a lot of cards in the draft, with over 30 picks and at least 3 rounds of first draft picks. One of the biggest moments in this draft was when Marc-Andre Fleury, a player on the winning team, the Pittsburgh Penguins, came out on stage wearing a new Golden Knights jersey. Surprising to his former team, Fleury removed his “no-move” clause and agreed to be drafted to NHL’s newest hockey team.

With the big draft over and trades already made, NHL players are anxiously anticipating how next NHL’s hockey season will play out.