Most people will likely agree that sports can have a profound impact on a child’s development. From learning to work as a team, to develop a skill that can be highlighted when applying to college, kids can benefit from playing sports in some ways. One area that children can learn great life skills comes in the form of fundraising. Many sports teams that kids join will need more funding at some point throughout their season, and to help raise the money, the team will often be involved in the fundraising process. What are some ways that teams can fundraise?

To begin, it is important to know what the team is trying to raise money for. For example, they may want to raise money to purchase new sports equipment. If a basketball team is looking to purchase new basketballs, they may put together a fundraiser to achieve that goal. Another example includes purchasing new uniforms for a new season.

Create Calendars
For teams that are a little bigger, creating and selling a calendar can be a quick and efficient way to make money. After choosing someone to take photos, each team member should take a headshot, before the entire team begins a mock game. During the mock game, the photographer can capture action shots that can be used for the calendar. Once the photos are taken, the coach should work with a printing company that can get them printed at a reduced rate. The completed calendars can be sold to friends, family, and other supporters of the team.

For teams that want to take a more traditional approach to fundraise can hold a potluck. Holding a potluck can bring together the sports team and their community, where they can discuss how much they need to raise to achieve their original goal. Additionally, there are a couple of ways to raise money during the potluck. One option is to charge a small fee for each person, but make sure that each guest understands why the potluck cost money. If you want to make the potluck more focused on fundraising, you can have team apparel created, and sell them during the event. Team items can include baseball caps, t-shirts, and stickers.

Sell Team Apparel
If your team is interested in selling apparel without doing the potluck, that is another great option to try. Working with the coach, teams can help design a fun, creative logo to match their team’s name. The items can be promoted and sold during games throughout the season or can be promoted on the team’s social media page.

Like other fundraising efforts, the approach that your team takes may depend on what sport the team is involved in, and how old the kids are on the team. When done correctly, sports teams can not only raise money for their team, but they also learn about how to fundraise.