At the beginning of each new year, more focus is shifted towards health and wellness, as many people’s new year resolutions tend to be health-related. From losing weight to eating healthier, health and wellness cover a variety of areas, and 2019 is not showing any signs that it could be different this year. Let’s examine some of the biggest trends in health and wellness to watch out for in 2019.

In recent years, more states across the nation have made a move towards legalizing medical marijuana, with some states fully legalizing recreational marijuana. As a result of these changes in recent years, an ingredient in marijuana is starting to get more attention. CBD is an active ingredient in marijuana that promotes a variety of health benefits. CBD has been used in the past to provide anti-inflammatory effects, can aid in reducing general anxiety, and has even been known to promote restful sleep. With so much focus already on marijuana, CBD will also continue to be seen in 2019 and could see a significant increase in demand.

Mindful Workouts
The start of a new year can be stressful, so starting on the right foot can help reduce the anxiety of a new year. To help reduce feelings of stress, more Americans are focusing on workouts for the soul. Using different forms of meditation, individuals can not only feel better physically but mentally as well. Engaging in mindful workouts can be difficult to begin initially, especially as one gets used to the concept of meditation. Once they have learned how to properly meditate, though, they may find that there are substantial benefits to mindful workouts.

Going Back To Basics
As technology continues to expand and evolve across more industries, the desire to completely unplug may become a valid option for some individuals. More Americans are beginning to see the incredible influence that technology is having on today’s society, and may find that doing a complete reset to be beneficial. A reset could include not using social media for a full month, or even eliminating the use of television for January. In general, dialing back on electronics and technology can lead to a better start to 2019.