With the holiday season right around the corner, more people are thinking about how they will stay active through the holiday season. With an abundance of food and downtime with family, many Americans find that they are not getting enough exercise. To help you stay healthy and active throughout the holiday season, here are some quite tips to remember.

Schedule Your Time For Exercise
For many people, the holidays bring many parties and gatherings, making it more difficult to find time to get some exercise. One way to ensure that you are getting that time in is by scheduling your exercises, according to True Health. By doing so, there is more accountability, and having it scheduled will not interfere with other plans.

Don’t Skip Meals Before An Event
To prepare for large meals, like Thanksgiving, some Americans will wait to eat until they get to the event. This is to help “save room” for the actual meal, but skipping breakfast can have an adverse effect. When you don’t eat beforehand, it can run a higher risk of overeating throughout the meal. Eating in the morning can not only jumpstart the metabolism, but it can reduce mindless eating later on.

Don’t Overdo It With Alcohol
Being around family can be exciting, and can make it easier to consume more alcohol than your average week. Doctors warn that excessive alcohol consumption can increase the chances of mindless eating, as well as increased heart rate, among other risks. To help reduce the risk of excessive drinking, try consuming at a slower rate, stopping early in the evening, and choosing drinks with less sugar. For example, instead of drinking eggnog, sip on vodka and soda.

While the holidays can be a time where one’s food consumption and activity levels change, but it is important not to completely deny yourself from some treats. This reduces the risk of overeating later on and can give you the taste of the holidays that you had been craving. The holidays are a time to celebrate and be with the ones that you love most, and by following little tips like these, you can make it a happy and healthy holiday season.